Humancapital has industry best training and development practice in association with Business Excellence Institute, we help client to identify the training requirements based on needs of the business and employees current skills and competencies. The Training Need Analysis is very comprehensive based on the roles and appropriate skill levels based on the defined assessment criteria.

HumanCapital,  also offer a wide range of managerial and technical training and development programs for all organizations from different industry sectors to improve the skills and competencies of the employees and their contribution to the organization.

HumanCapital also work closely with the organizations to help them to develop customized training modules with innovative methodologies, the training programs cover all the areas of interest in the organization and the following are the major areas we address, but not limited to

  • Leadership & Management
  • Quality & Operational Excellence
  • Human Resources Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance Management
  • Information Technology
  • Supply Chain & Materials Management
  • Contract & Outsourcing Management
  • Industry Specific/engineering specific Programs
HumanCapital also administer various certification tests and assessment programs to evaluate the skills and competencies of employees and help the organizations to develop a right training plan , right hiring decision and training budget   to optimize the business results.

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