HumanCapital recognizes the importance of Safety and Security at the workplace, and its impact on the business outcomes and people employed in the organizations

HumanCapital has developed a specilze consulting practice to help you in your efforts to prevent and/or mitigate loss, risks to or from personnel, threats to physical assets, damage to technology and intellectual property, or risks of any other kind arising from all elements surrounding the work environment.

We adopt industry best practices and standards, including OHSAS 18000 to ensure workplace are safe to employ people with out any injury or illness. We provide best workplace safety tool kit for the organizations and help them to adminster it in the organization in a most effective manner.

We also provide training to personnel on safety measures to eliminate or control the specific workplace hazard.

Workplace security has gained much attention in the last several years due to an increase in workplace violence, the necessity of background investigations of prospective and current employees, Internet and technology-based security needs, threats of terrorism, and increased legal liability to organizations for not taking reasonable measures to safeguard the workplace due to security threats

We provide security risk assessment services and develop an action plan to systematically address the each threat to the organization by establishing controls.

Humancapital has developed systematic approaches and practices to deal with workplace security and help you to deal with

  • Establishing a formal security function.
  • Establishing computer, e-mail and Internet policies and procedures.
  • Including non-compete agreements and other types of clauses in employment contracts for the protection of proprietary information and intellectual property.
  • Developing crisis management and contingency plans.
  • Establishing theft and fraud prevention procedures.
  • Developing workplace violence prevention procedures.
  • Installing premises security systems.
  • Developing restricted-access policies and key-control procedures

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