HumanCapital is the right partner for you to take you through today's economic environment and transformation needs which are urgent, significant, and difficult. When it comes to organizational change—mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, divestitures, joint ventures, and bankruptcies—what initially looks good on paper doesn't always lead to great results. A huge factor in the success of any corporate change is people—part of the equation that's too often overlooked. 

You need a partner who lead the change during turbulent times, who keep the employees engaged and motivated well, can help you handle the staff reduction, staff reallocation or reassignments and ensure change is sustained and productivity and performance is improved quickly by reducing and handling all the risks in the process.

As the premier human capital specialist, we can help you maximize the value of your transaction by thoughtfully considering people. Our dedicated team of consultants can help you understand exactly how the change impacts your workforce. We assess everything from what individual skills are needed, to integrated global HR strategy, and legal and financial liabilities.

Our integrated, systematic approach offers you:

Due diligence support
Detailed plans for executing strategy through people, including assessment of employee leadership capabilities and identification of competencies
Staffing models, organizational structure, and detailed role profiling
Workforce needs analysis and modeling
New legal entity and HR setup
Change management
Culture visioning and transformation

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